Case Studies

Digital Transformation for the Standing Committee on Climate Change: A Case Study on Anthro Reach’s Impact

Introduction The Standing Committee on Climate Change (SCCC) is an essential institution in Pakistan, responsible for addressing climate change issues and ensuring the protection of the environment. With a four-pronged mandate, the SCCC plays a crucial role in shaping the nation’s strategy to combat climate change, enacting and implementing legislation, overseeing public and private climate […]

Enhancing Digital Presence and Strengthening Advocacy: A Case Study of Women’s Parliamentary Caucus

Introduction Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) is a non-partisan platform in Pakistan for Women Parliamentarians that aims to promote gender equality, protect women’s rights, and advocate for gender-sensitive policies and legislation. Despite its crucial role, WPC lacked a digital presence, limiting its outreach and impact. Anthro Reach stepped in to help WPC enhance its digital presence […]

Enhancing the Digital Presence of Pakistan’s SDGs Secretariat: A Case Study on Anthro Reach’s Impact

Introduction The SDGs Secretariat is Pakistan’s Parliamentary Taskforce on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with representation from all parties and provinces. The SDGs Secretariat has established Parliamentary Taskforces on SDGs across all provinces, including Gilgit Baltistan (GB) and Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK), to drive ownership and achieve sustainable development targets. However, the National SDGs Taskforce faced […]
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